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2015 Budget

  Last year, outside of rent and taxes, I paid approximately  $2,200/month. I also managed to travel internationally. I visited 8 states (2 of which for the first time) and was in the air for 42,242 miles. Not a record setter. But that’s not what my frequent fliers miles account says, earning over 230k in various airline mileage during the year. This equates to roughly $4,000 in additional bonuses (or reducing the above cost by $300). How is this possible?

How To Use Compare Cards Tools


RewardBus's credit card comparison tool is meant to give an overall view of the best credit card a consumer should aim for (ranked by rewards) based on each credit score. It is intended to be flexible with your budget so that changing your travel or grocery plan will give different suggestions. Let's walk through the tool.

Welcome to RewardBus


RewardBus is a personal finance website that writes about financial topics aimed at a non-financial audience. We have written articles explaining details to managing budgets, credit scores, investing and retirement. RewardBus also compiles information about great credit card offers, creating recommendations for credit cards based on various needs. We have also spent time investigating the best new-economy earnings methods to make sure you can maximize your time. I have earned over $35/hour working for ridesharing companies and have sorted out the various options out there (such as Postmates, TaskRabbit, Uber/Lyft, etc.).