Auto Finance Tools

Auto Dealers have a tough reputation. Shady backroom deals with cigar smoke and tricky terms characterize most people’s time in the dealership. 

But, some dealerships are better! Large used car stores that focus on the consumer, clarity and customer service are starting. CarMax offers used cars at a fixed fee from many makes and models. At CarMax, you are unable to negotiate anything, even the inclusion of floor mats outside of the one fixed price (think of it like purchasing an iPod). They make up for it in their guaranteed buyback (most cars within 7 days and some cars for 30 days!), customer service and sales incentive plan. Their salesmen are paid the same per car! Other dealerships often pay their salesmen more for taking more money from the consumer. CarMax associates truly want to get you into the best car for you because they are paid the same.

American Express Blue Cash Preferred  Reward Card

    Card Pros

  • 6% Cash Back on supermarket purchases
  • 3% Cash Back on gas and select department stores

Financing is better at CarMax too. They turn the computer screen around and let you see the various offers that the banks are providing and allow you the choice. Other dealerships often obscure the terms they are offered to allow them to work the deal that is, you guessed it, most lucrative to them.

TrueCar puts the data in the hands of the consumers. They show you what people around you paid for the exact make and model under consideration. It is based on true, recent data that hones in your very location. This removes the concern or wonder any consumer feels when walking into a dealership and knowing other people may have received a better deal.