Often, when receiving financial advice, we are told the mantra "save more". Much easier said than done.  The only way to save more is to spend less than you earn. After cutting the fat from the budget, however, often we still aren't left with enough savings to give us the life we want. We might be able to pull our retirement date up a couple of years, but unable to travel or afford our child's education. Life (and especially personal finance) is a tradeoff, but luckily the "earn more" part of the equation is much more in our control than we have traditionally thought.

RewardBus can't assume to know how to get ahead in your traditional career. Work hard, move up and hope you don't get laid off. In January 2016, 37.3% of Americans 16 or older were not working, the highest it has been since February 1978. Workplace anxiety is high and stresses about job security and finances are a major factor in almost everybody's life. When facing this much uncertainty, there seems to be nothing much we can do except throw up our arms and just give up.

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Luckily for us, however, there are now many options to turn your free time into more money. Armed only with a smartphone, there are options for those who are willing to hustle for a bit of money. RewardBus has researched some of these and given you the low-down on what the best options are AND the ways to optimize your time and earnings while on these jobs. Currently, RewardBus has researched:

These jobs are generally only open in major metropolitan areas (although TaskRabbit has some virtual work options to allow you to earn money from anywhere), the principle to use your spare time to earn extra cash remains the same. What's more is that these companies really want more people to help their service, so much so that they are offering large bonuses to try.

Complete 40 rides for Uber and earn an extra $300!

Click here to sign up for Lyft and make additional money! (click here for sign-up requirements based on metro)

Use promo code 5k6ez when you sign up for Postmates to receive $10 in free delivery fees!

These jobs provide ultimate flexibility. When you want to take a job or earn money, you can feel free to go pick up rides (ridesharing) or deliveries (DoorDask/Postmates). If you don't want to, or if you have another obligation, feel free to not turn the app on.

What's holding you back? Sign-up bonuses and a lack of commitment allow you to try these out in your own time. If it doesn't work out, no skin off your back. Worth trying out to use that money for whatever else you want in your life.