Postmates is one of the more common delivery platforms currently. Their mission is to deliver anything within an hour. They have boasted over 2 million deliveries in January 2016 across the United States. The logistics in delivering anything within an hour is quite complex, but one of the key components is a fleet of great, motivated couriers. What this means is an opportunity to earn quick money on your own time.

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The key to any sidegig in the sharing economy (in RewardBus's opinion) is reasonable expectations. I have found using Postmates, I generally earn $19-$22/hour after tip. Just like with most "new economy" platforms, the earnings will be very volatile. That is why I recommend giving ~12 hours before determining if the platform is worth your time. Generally, you will earn more by performing more, shorter deliveries than large, longer deliveries. This is due to the way Postmates pays you.

(SF Peninsula)

$3.10 (base) + $0.12 (per minute) + $0.68 (per mile)

The majority of your pay will come from the $3.10 base and your tip. The per minute and per mile pay is meant to offset your costs, but as you can see, the per-minute rate does not cover minimum wage (which does not apply to Postmates delivery as you are a 1099 contractor) in California. When I hear food is delayed 10 minutes, I am not excited at earning an extra $1.20, I am upset that I cannot finish the delivery and get another one lined up.

My numbers have been giving me ~1.5 deliveries/hour. Tips can carry you! I have been pleasantly surprised by how much the tips will carry your hourly rate. The base rate will generally get me $13-$16/hour and getting a $4 tip x (1.5/hour) bumps my hourly rate to $19 - $22. Don't expect to receive tips like the one below frequently (was very pleasantly surprised).

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Postmates (in SF Peninsula) is currently offering an additional $200 for couriers who complete 50 trips within their first month with a rating of 4.7. Give it a shot!

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