Personal Finance

Personal finance is a very basic concept. If you earn more than you spend, options open up to what you can do with the money. Do you want to save for college? A house? A retirement? A vacation? Or maybe just a brand new car? Whatever the goal is, the options of obtaining it open up if spending is less than what you earn. Contrarily, no matter the dollar amount, if you are spending more than you earn, there is very little that you can do to save for the goals in your life. There are many households in America earning greater than $200,000 a year who are struggling financially because money is going out of their pockets as quickly as it is coming in.

RewardBus cannot decide for each individual how their money should be spent. We can give opinions and sample budgets to show how every single financial decision might have more options than initially thought. Almost every single expenditure has different price options available.


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Similarly, RewardBus cannot best determine how to earn the most money in each person’s situation. We can, however, provide a lot of options to monetize your free time. Also, we challenge readers to evaluate the true cost of their job (including commute, fancy clothes, lunch, etc.).

Why Should We Care?

And, finally, we understand that finances are a very small portion of a person’s life and happiness. The ideal amount that one should spend thinking about finances is zero. Given its importance in people’s lives, and the state of many American’s finances, we need to help inform and provide alternatives to the rat race that so many are stuck in. Hopefully, there are tips and tricks contained on this website to help optimize your financial life so you can all spend time doing what you love best: anything else.