RewardBus's mission is to make personal finance more accessible to ordinary Americans. The data is clear: Americans love debt and are under-funded for retirement. Attitudes towards retirement and banking institutions are evolving to the point where pessimism is sneaking in. At RewardBus, we are looking to provide free information to consumers to help them achieve their goals. We can't tell you your goals but hopefully we can help bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

There is a lot of misinformation out there. Worse, there are financial planners and industry professionals who seek to profit from the lack of understanding. This is why RewardBus will always be free for consumers. The only way to fight back against the bad actors is information.

RewardBus is an affiliate marketing company. This means we earn money from making product recommendations (Credit Cards, Personal Loans, etc.). We are not anti-debt: many people (and companies) have accelerated their finances using debt. Just like a gun, credit can be used positively or negatively in one's life. We will strive to provide appropriate recommendations and give the tools directly to the consumers to make an informed decision for themselves.

If you believe in RewardBus's mission and are considering a product that we recommend, it would go a long way to providing free information to consumers if you try one of our products.

Personal Finance is hard. It shouldn't be.