RewardBus's mission is two-fold:

  • To provide readers with up-to-date information about specific credit car offers or other promotional ways to make money
  • To inform and educate the population on generalized financial questions

It is this second point that is so often missed by large companies. If you are perfectly fluent and comfortable with the terms financey people throw around there are many options for you to be able to find what you want (maybe not as consistently/authoritatively/quickly as RewardBus, but the option is out there). What RewardBus hopes to provide, however, is simple language, suggestions and recommendations that walk customers through their relationship with their finances holistically: from budgeting to earning to investing to credit. Many sites segment each option off separately: some will be experts about budgeting/expense management. Others will be great at helping to earn more cash. Even others are great assistants in investing. There is no unifying website.

Clear Language

We are constantly worried that we use words that alienate our readership. Send us an email at info@rewardbus.com anytime if there is confusing language and we will work to both clear up the situation for you, but also clarify in the writing. It takes a village. Finance is extreely important to people's satisfaction and helps drive a significant part of their dreams, experiences and happiness. It is also, however, a major source of stress, cause of divorce and trigger for anxiety. Let's improve our relationship with money. Let's improve our understanding of how important it should be: unimportant.

As we say, personal finance is hard. It shouldn't be.